The little lame dog
My little dog is lame,
but not because his paw is sore... or anything.
The problem is that he doesn't have...well, how should I say it?
He's missing a front leg!
The end
The little lame dog
We found him lying on the roadside... a car had run over him and he was very hurt.
Luckily my Daddy saw him and stopped the car in time!
I don't want to think of what could have happened!
The little lame dog
Well, guess what? I've always wanted to have a dog.
My parents thought that having a hamster was enough animals in the house.
But the little dog's misery convinced them better than I ever could... with my crocodile tears (which is what we call false tears).
The little lame dog
We washed him in a basin, very carefully, because we didn't want to hurt him...
Mommy said the wound didn't look good at all.
Daddy was making estimates about how much dog food would cost him.
And I dreamed of dressing him up like a fireman for the last day of school's program.
The little lame dog
We had to take Little Dog to the vet because he wouldn't stop complaining.
Oh, that place smells terrible!
Time went by as I smelled and watched,
because they didn't let me in to see what they were doing to Little Dog...
and Daddy didn't want me to touch anything at all.
The little lame dog
They didn't know how to tell me that they'd had to cut Little Dog's paw off.
If they didn't... he would die.
Oh, I felt so sad!
The vet felt sure that this dog had an owner...
Hard to imagine that anyone could abandon an animal!
The little lame dog
When we got home Daddy said we had to find the owner.
He thought some child might be crying over their lost dog. This made me sad... because if we found them I would be left without a dog...
But, of course, the owners were probably sad, too. Mommy said if we kept him he wouldn't be happy because he'd be alone so much... that's because both Mommy and Daddy go to work... and I... I go to school like you do...
The little lame dog
Daddy tried to find Little Dog's owners by phone.
That's why he made a bunch of calls.
We almost skipped supper.
Playing with Little Dog, I even forgot about the TV.
The little lame dog
When I was ready for bed, the phone rang, and it was Miguel, Little Dog's owner.
I talked with him, but couldn't understand him very well.
He seemed sad and happy at the same time.
I was told it was because he was crying for joy.
The little lame dog
Next day... Little Dog was feeling better ...and we carried him in our arms
(taking our time) to the home of his real owners... and they lived close to us.
What a house! They even have a yard!
You should have seen Miguel's happy face when he saw Little Dog! Well,
when he saw Bobbi, which is what Miguel calls him.
The little lame dog
Since then, I often go to Miguel's house... But he also often comes to ours...
(always with Bobbi...) and we go together for a walk to the peacocks' park.
Bobbi loves me as if I were his owner.
That's why I'm not lying when I say... I have a little dog.
The Little Lame Dog:  What do you have to do when you have an animal as a pet?
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