Five-Legged Piggie
The end
Five-Legged Piggie
One cold wintry morning in a small farming community something happened that would change everyone's lives: Momma Pig had seven piglets. Yes, I know this happens all the time, but this time one of the piglets was unique: HE HAD FIVE LEGS. 1
The end
Five-Legged Piggie
"It's monstrous!" -exclaimed Momma Cow. "It's hideous!" -replied a bunch of rabbits. Even Momma Pig rejected her piglet refusing to let him suckle her nipples for milk. 2
Five-Legged Piggie
On the farm everyone was horrified by the strange little creature... everyone but Celia, the farmer's granddaughter, who... seeing how thin he was felt so sorry for him she prepared a baby bottle to feed him with milk. 3
Five-Legged Piggie
Celia's grandfather was very happy because these piglets were born on Christmas and were the neighbors' favorite dish. That is why, although they tried their best to hide, soon there were only three piglets left out of the seven.
Grandfather thought: "I'll fatten these three to get some great bacon, sausage and ham!
Five-Legged Piggie
Now, our Five-Legged Piggie was such a strange piggie that Grandfather decided not to put him in the oven. Soon people in the city found out about him. Children started to storm the farm with their teachers.
Everyone wanted to see this strange creature. He even appeared on TV.
Five-Legged Piggie
So guess what? "Five-Legged Piggie" got so famous that thousands... maybe even millions... saw him on television!
And he became so popular he began traveling around the world with Celia.
Five-Legged Piggie
Scientists and veterinarians studied his case, and after much investigation...
they concluded that he had five legs because he had one too many.
Well, that he was just as healthy as all the other farm pigs.
Five-Legged Piggie
The farm was no longer called "Joe's Farm" anymore, but "Five-Legged Pig Farm".
On top of all this someone came up with the grand idea of designing tons of products that had to do with our famous pig. One could buy balloons, piggie-banks, backpacks... even rubber rings that looked like him.
Five-Legged Piggie
Time went on and while our little "Five-Legged Piggie" got more and more famous...
his piggie brothers and sisters were fattened up to end up as food,
bacon, sausage and ham, for the people in town.
Five-Legged Piggie
Then one day, one of Five-Legged Piggie's legs fell off, and they made smoked ham with it! To everyone's surprise it turned out to be the very best ham anyone had ever tasted. Again his case was studied. But all they could find was that "Five-Legged Piggie" had become a "Four-Legged Piggie", like all the rest of the piggies. People stopped visiting the farm and little by little quit being famous. 10
Five-Legged Piggie
Then... when Celia's grandpa thought it was about time to get nice sausages out of him like all other pigs, he discovered a fifth leg growing in the place the other had been!
And that's how Five-Legged Pig started producing hams, as if he were an apple tree producing apples.
Five-Legged Piggie
He met a real affectionate pig and married her. They were very happy and had
five-legged piglets just like their father, and they, in turn, also had five-legged piglets until it became very rare to find a pig with four legs anywhere in the whole World.
Five-Legged Piggie:  Little Pig don't wants to live in their filthy pigsty...
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