Little Pig Wants to Be A Person

Little Pig Wants to Be A Person

The end
Little Pig Wants to Be A Person
I'm such a clean little pig and was so fed up with the filthy pigsty,
that I started to dream of running away from the barn.
I wanted to live in a much... cleaner place! One that didn't smell like poop and pee.
The end
Little Pig Wants to Be A Person
I began to think that if I really tried hard enough I could stand
on my two hind legs.
That way I would be like any other person!
I'd be able to leave the farm through the big gate
without the farmer even noticing me!
Wow! My friends would watch me with their mouths open in amazement!
What a wonderful farewell was awaiting me!
Little Pig Wants to Be A Person
But staying on your two back legs and learning to talk
aren't the easiest things for a pig.
That's why I went into training. I worked out in my gym, but you know,
on the farm everyone made fun of me when they saw me trying to stand on my two back legs. And they laughed their heads off if they heard me saying anything other than... "oink-oink".
Little Pig Wants to Be A Person
At night I always dream I am already a person.
In those dreams, the first thing I do is put on a suit, then shave, then shove a hat on my head and dark sunglasses over my eyes so no one will notice me.
Then as soon as I leave the farmyard I go to a coffee shop, walk up to the counter and order an ice cream. That's when I'm feeling happy!
Little Pig Wants to Be A Person
But... things didn't turn out like I had planned.
It was all the blue cow's fault.
Have you ever seen a blue cow that wasn't on a poster ad?
Well, me neither.
Little Pig Wants to Be A Person
Like I was saying, when the blue cow showed up early that good morning,
it made the rooster stop right in the middle of his cockle-doodle-doing.
And because the rooster became quiet, the chickens woke up.
Little Pig Wants to Be A Person
But as soon as the chickens saw the strange cow they started to run around their chicken pen in a crazy way.
They were looking desperately for a way out of there, and the place was getting full of flying feathers, cluck-clucks, fooh-foohs and poo-poos.
That's when I woke up and quit dreaming about going to the coffee shop.
Little Pig Wants to Be A Person
The noise of the chickens soon became the noise of all the ducks,
the chicks, and the cows, too!
There was an incredible commotion. It sounded like an out of tune orchestra.
I started thinking that I was the music director that had to get things back in order, but all of a sudden, everyone was quiet...
Little Pig Wants to Be A Person
The horse had gotten so nervous he reared up high into the air, and sent a rear double kick against the barn wall,
and that's how he made a big hole in the barn wall - and that's how I got away,
going headfirst through that hole!
I was going to fulfill my dream! Even though no one said farewell.
Little Pig Wants to Be A Person
A while later, I went into a coffee shop, and there I stood up straight, on my two back legs. But since I hadn't had time to become like a person, not really,
I wasn't able to keep it up for long.
So when things got really tough,
I got back on my four legs and oinked right out of there!
Little Pig Wants to Be A Person
A little later... I started to feel frightened of people,
instead of wishing to be like them.
They wouldn't stop chasing me all over the place trying to catch me
-probably to eat me along with some cabbage.
That's why when night came I was so tired and so hungry.
Little Pig Wants to Be A Person
I got really tired of hiding. On top of that, I hadn't found the amazing place I had imagined in my dreams.
That night I dreamed that I had never left the barn,
that I was feeling real cozy in mommy pig's arms,
and everything smelled exquisitely like poop and pee.
Little Pig Wants to Be A Person:  Little Pig don't wants to live in their filthy pigsty...
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