The Return Of Little Pig

The Return Of Little Pig

The end
The Return Of Little Pig
On the farm the word spread like wildfire because the birds had made sure everyone knew that Little Pig was back.
Never before had any animal left the farm and come back. And now there was another rumor going around, that Little Pig was doing quite a balancing act standing on his two back legs and talking in a language people use.
The Return Of Little Pig
It had always been said that animals that left the farm ended up on some city folk's plate.
No one could believe that Little Pig had been able to come back! So all the farm animals, and others around, were eagerly awaiting the reappearance of their hero.
The Return Of Little Pig
So when Little Pig showed up they wouldn't even let him talk... What an ear-shattering noise they made! They said one to another: "You can tell Little Pig has learned a lot!" "Yes... I always thought there was something mysterious about him!"
But above all the voices, at last the thunderous mooing of a cow was heard: "Would you all shut up so he can tell us what happened in the city?"
The Return Of Little Pig
When they were all finally silent Little Pig began his story:
The Owl and I planned our trip to the City really well.
We dressed like people do to go unnoticed. We were lucky that everyone was wearing costumes because it was Carnival and nobody stared at us!
The Return Of Little Pig
Everything looked strange to me... especially those tremendous beehives people live in... they are so huge they can't hang on branches because they'd break.
And inside there are so many hallways and stairs. I don't know how people keep from getting lost in them.
The Return Of Little Pig
There are so many things in the City I don't know where to start!
We would drool just looking at all the fruit laying in boxes and within our reach,
not up in trees!
The Return Of Little Pig
But our joy ended when we got hungry. We ordered some ice cream cones, several scoops of different flavors. And then the ice cream man asked us for our money.
Bet you don't know what that is! Well, it's what you need in the City to get what they have in the stores.
The Return Of Little Pig
We couldn't eat, then, because we didn't have any money!
Fortunately, though, we discovered some things on walls where water came out.
The Return Of Little Pig
While we were rummaging through some trashcans in the park, some children came up to us to tell us our costumes were really cool, and for sure we'd win a good prize in the costume contest.
We didn't know what they were talking about. A costume contest? A prize?
The Return Of Little Pig
When they explained, we realized that this was our only chance to get ice cream and food. What we had to do was very simple. All we had to do was get in the line of people in costumes.
A man that spoke real loud each time he'd get close to a plastic pear tied to a walking stick looked at us and looked ever so closely at everyone.
The Return Of Little Pig
He must have thought that my costume was the coolest of all, because all of a sudden his voice thundered out saying that the prize was going to the boy dressed up as a pig mechanic!
I knew he was talking about me, although we all know I'm not a boy. I got so happy I forgot where I was and when he asked me my name I answered... "Little Pig". 'Course everyone laughed thinking that I was just a little boy dressed up as a mechanic pig!
The Return Of Little Pig
Now we realize that we had been in great danger in the City.
If it hadn't been for the costume contest... where do you think we could have ended up? In a circus... or in someone's stomach?
The Return Of Little Pig: The Little Pig goes with his friend, the owl, to the city where he meets a lot of things to know.
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