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PaintingThe Pictures Game:
The frame needs to be assembled. Once you're done, you can choose the picture you like the most, with any frame.
BenchThe Small Bench Game:
The small bench needs to be assembled but be careful with the pieces.

BalonThe Ball Game:
In this game you must find a way to fit the wooden pieces together. There are models of figures you can make. (You will be surprised!)

HorseThe Horse Game:
The wood horse needs to be assembled. (If any part falls to the ground, try to figure out why it happened)

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ChairThe Chair Game:
This is the most difficult game. The chair needs to be assembled. You can do it! (If any part falls to the ground, figure out why it happened... and try again)

ClockThe Watch Clock Game:
The watch clock needs to be assembled. Put the parts together. (There is a certain order)