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Written and illustrated by:
A. Otón
Translated by: Connie Bentson

My little dog is lame, but not because his paw is sore or anything.  The problem is that he doesn't have...well, how should I say it?  He's missing a front leg!

We found him lying on the roadside... a car had run over him and he was very hurt.  Luckily my Daddy saw him and stopped the car in time!  I don't want to think of what could have happened!

Well, guess what?  I've always wanted to have a dog. My parents thought that having a hamster was enough animals in the house. But the little dog's misery convinced them better than I ever could... with my crocodile tears (which is what we call false tears).   You know what I mean.

We washed him in a basin, very carefully, because we didn't want to hurt him... Mommy said the wound didn't look good at all. Daddy was making estimates about how much dog food would cost him...