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Written and illustrated by:
A. Otón
Translated by:
Connie Bentson

One cold wintry morning in a small farming community something happened that would change everyone's lives:  Momma Pig had seven piglets.  Yes, I know this happens all the time, but this time one of the piglets was unique: HE HAD FIVE LEGS.

"It's monstrous!"- exclaimed Momma Cow.  "It's hideous!" - replied a bunch of rabbits. Even Momma Pig rejected her piglet refusing to let him suckle her nipples for milk.

On the farm everyone was horrified by the strange little creature... everyone but Celia, the farmer's granddaughter, who... seeing how thin he was felt so sorry for him she prepared a baby bottle to feed him with milk.

Celia's grandfather was very happy because these piglets were born on Christmas and were the neighbors' favorite dish. That is why, although they tried their best to hide, soon there were only three piglets left out of the seven. Grandfather thought:...