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Written and illustrated by:
A. Otón
Translated by:
Connie Bentson

My apple is the coolest of the whole orchard! That's what Agapito the worm thought, because from where he was, he couldn't see anything else. The point is that he wasn't going to let anyone, and I mean anyone, live in that fruit other than him.

If someone wanted a look, he thought, they would have to keep their distance. On no account would he allow anyone's feet on his apple. And even less, to give it a bite! BECAUSE IT WAS HIS... AND ONLY HIS!

Some time later an ant came by asking the little worm if he could give the apple a little bite! She said she'd exchange it for a lettuce leaf. But the little worm... who wasn't willing to share his treasure... replied no... that... oh... lettuce... was... too tough to eat.

And so after the ant left, the worm went to find some sticks to make a fence so no more ants would be able to get in to take a peek. He kept thinking...