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The Cube
The CubeThe Cube Game:
You have to drag the cube image, on the right position, up to its place.
Four CubesThe Four Cubes Game:
You have to rotate each cube using the arrows to create a picture with them. 
Move the mouse over the cubes to see the arrows

The TumbtacksThe Tumbtacks Game:
Make a drawing with the different colored thumbtacks.
The Fountain The Fountain Game:
To play this game you must connect the pipes to take water from the tank to the fountain.

The LabyrinthThe Labyrinth Game:
No! No! You need to stop it! The water is salty.
Help the piggie.

GeometryThe Geometry Game:
Look for the geometric forms who hide behind the balls.
The EarthThe Earth Game:
Beneath these balloons are others you have to put in place. (You can also pop them all)

The Sea & SkyThe Sea and Sky Game:
Put the balloons on the right in the water or in the sky. (You can also pop all of them)

NumbersThe Numbers Game:
You have to chase the numbers. (Do it in order)