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little pig wants to be a person

Little Pig Wants
to Be A Person

Written and illustrated by:
A. Otón
Translated by:
Connie Bentson

I'm such a clean little pig and was so fed up with the filthy pigsty, that I started to dream of running away from the barn. I wanted to live in a much... cleaner place!  One that didn't smell like poop and pee.

I began to think that if I really tried hard enough I could stand on my two hind legs. That way I would be like any other person!  I'd be able to leave the farm through the big gate without the farmer even noticing me! Wow!  My friends would watch me with their mouths open in amazement! What a wonderful farewell was awaiting me!

But staying on your two back legs and learning to talk aren't the easiest things for a pig.  That's why I went into training.  I worked out in my gym, but you know, on the farm everyone made fun of me when they saw me trying to stand on my two back legs. And they laughed their heads off if they heard me saying anything other than... "oink-oink"... 

Little Pig