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Written and illustrated by:
A. Otón
Translated by:
Connie Bentson

The Owl had been trying to hunt Little Pig down... but mistook him for a person when he saw him standing up! The poor bird was puzzled wondering how a four-legged dinner had gotten away from him!

Not wanting the Owl to fly away like that... Little Pig hollered with all his might: "Hey, you, come here!" When the Owl heard this, his wings froze in mid-flight.

He thought, "Where in the world are people seen talking with chatty owls?" If someone ever did surprise a talking owl, they'd probably take him to television, or to a circus.

Before getting away, though, and scared stiff… he heard the same voice saying: "I'm the Little Pig you're looking for!" Little Pig was hoping the Owl would forget about having him for dinner if they could talk.  No one eats someone that you can have a conversation with. And that's how the Owl and Little Pig became friends...